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hairstyles in Senegal

A trip is a real discovery. Discover a country, not only enjoy its beaches and visit its most beautiful sites. It's also discovering his true identity through its traditions, its lifestyle, its music and dances, and also her hair. True identity of an ethnic group in Senegal hairstyles reflect a whole culture.

Hair and Senegalese women

In Senegal , hair represents a cultural diversity. Between different forms of braids, accessories, jewelry or beads used, or simply wearing moussor, Senegalese women wear headdresses unique and varied according to their ethnicity or social class. Age is also taken into account in the rules of the hairstyle. Sometimes very complex in a ceremony, the Senegalese hairstyles are real works of art capillaries.

braids, in twists or flat, are present in the hairstyles in Senegal. To braid hair, a belief the country prohibits women to flatter all alone just never delivered. Many women also cover their hair with a scarf or a veil. Again, the scarf is in many ways. The moussor is tied in various ways, imitating a bird's wing, the appearance of a flower or the shape of a fan. This accessory is generally matched the robe.

In Senegal, each ethnic group's hairstyle

hairstyles Senegalese most complex are found in women Wolof. Of great diversity also, hairstyles are adorned with jewels and gold are coated with a soft cloth. Instead of jewels, Serer enhance their headdress of pearls and silver coins. Toucouleur the fairer sex, in turn, is used to cover her head with a moussor. For their part, the Fulani perfectly mastered the art of weaving, playing with geometric shapes.

In general, a Senegalese cap is a small round cap covering only the top of his head. This hat is rather Geometric among the Serer and Wolof. The men also wear headgear typical of their ethnicity. A straw hat decorated with feathers is for example worn by men Diola, Peul and Toucouleurs. Moreover, some Fulani men are still braiding their hair with braids falling at the corner of each eye.


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