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What to do in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic ?

The Dominican Republic is a dream with its white sand beaches and crystal clear water and clear. Puerto Plata, located north of the Dominican Republic, is a tourist resort offering many activities, ideal for an unforgettable vacation.

Puerto Plata: presentation of the city

Puerto Plata was discovered in January 1493, by Christopher Columbus, who gave him the name "Port of Silver" because of the immense glare thrown by his ribs on the water. Covering an area of 459.71 km, covered with lush vegetation, it quickly became the port of the Dominican Republic, and exports of rum, coffee, cane sugar or cocoa. It is a vibrant city with its charming Victorian-style buildings, reminiscent of the colonial era. Dominicans welcoming and smiling have a great sense of hospitality. The town enjoys a mild tropical climate, and the period of sunshine between April and November, with temperatures around 38 ° C. You can make many trips, visiting historical sites, or just go shopping and relax on the beach.

Puerto Plata to visit museums missed

You can visit Fort San Felipe in 1541, now a military museum. At that time, the fort served as protection to the Spaniards, and repulsed the French and English pirates. It's a must-see site, because it is one of the oldest on the island. Moreover, tour operators the provision in their tour program. You can also enjoy crafts and jewelry made with the "famous fossilized resin. This material is the pride of the Dominican Republic, Amber Museum: spiders, lizards, worked with precision and dexterity flawless. Indeed, Steven Spielberg, the director of Jurassic Park, had used objects for this museum in the film. At the Brugal rum distillery you can understand the process of making rum, and attend a tasting.

Puerto Plata activities to

For an amazing view of the island, you have to go to Mount Isabel Torres: this rock from a height of 800 meters, overlooking the city. Admire giant flowers and a lush garden. To get there, there is a cable connecting the mount. To have real contact with the Dominicans, go to Mal├ęcon: the boulevard bordering the Atlantic Ocean, and 4 km ², you will find pubs, the local market or shopping for souvenirs. It is also the meeting point for residents. The World Ocean Park is a water park that offers scuba diving, sailing and visits to closely observe sharks, sea lions, dolphins or even thousands of exotic birds. For shopping, Mall Tienda Jimenez offers on two floors, clothing, jewelry and fashion accessories of high quality. With regard to the beaches, we must get to the Playa Dorada tourist complex comprising of hotels and bungalows near the sea, rest and relaxation guaranteed!


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