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The Andalusian cuisine

Andalusia, the birthplace of Flamenco , is renowned for the richness and variety of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. During your stay in Spain next , do not forget to taste the delicious cuisine of Andalusia.

spicy, sauce

The typical Andalusian cuisine, still with traces of its Arab origins that gives an exquisite refinement. It consists mainly of spicy sauce accompanied by a point. Its main advantage is that it uses commodity a outstanding quality and exceptionally fresh. Its taste depends on the generous use of olive oil, garlic, onions, tomatoes and peppers that enhance the taste of meat, fish and vegetables.

If you stay in one of the many coastal resorts, you will have the opportunity to taste the cuisine of the sea, consisting of seafood and fish. In the interior, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the delicious game dishes, pork or beef. Each region, each village holds its secret to bring a local touch to the typical Andalusian dishes. This varied cuisine, deliciously flavored with spices, full of colors and flavors, has always flatter the most delicate palates.

A varied cuisine in Spain

The Andalusian cuisine is based on vegetable broths, including the famed gazpacho, the most famous Andalusian dishes because of the simplicity of its preparation and its value nutritionally . The culinary specialty of Andalusia consists of a cold soup made of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onions, expertly seasoned with olive oil and vinegar, topped with a touch of garlic. Gazpacho comes in many variants, such as salmorejo, ajo blanco or porra.

Apart soups, the Andalucian cuisine is also famous for its fish dishes smell delicious, like grilled squid, fish, wine or fried foods. You will be delighted by the taste of meat dishes such as oxtail sauce, simmered in sherry kidneys. Preparations with black pudding, lamb from milk, smoked ham, sheep or doves are also very popular. A good goat cheese or sheep, and desserts made with fresh fruit or a variety of pastries complement the meal nicely, without forgetting the good Andalusian wines.


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