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Vacation Destinations coldest

The advantages of a stay cold? Snow, ice decoration, winter sports, culture ... All the more reason to head to the coldest cities in the world. Explore destinations very cold ...


The astonishing Baffin Island in Canada

All North American continent, the Canada, Baffin Island is not a seaside resort. Negative temperatures can plummet to minus 50 ° C and freezes most of the time. However, this is the island you can enjoy the midnight sun. The ice will serve as ski or hunting ground. For walking, aim for rather a snowmobile or dogsled.


The glacial Kautokeino in Norway

You really want to be cold? In the town of Kautokeino, in the extreme south of Norway, the average annual temperature falls below zero. This is the record for this country known for its unique atmosphere. You'll learn to freshwater fishing, you will also discover the reindeer farms, according to tradition. In Kautokeino, you visit the museum of Lapland and manners Silvergallery dedicated to the art. The trip promises to be as unusual as the climate.


Rovaniemi, the territory of Santa Claus in Finland

In Rovaniemi, northern Finland the , snow falling six months a year at least. You discover the village of Santa Claus and the SantaPark cave in the snow, from the month of November. In autumn and winter you can enjoy the magical sight of the aurora borealis. However, in summer the sun never sets leads to multiply discoveries. A trip to Rovianemi is also an opportunity to cross the imaginary line of the Arctic Circle.


An Adventure in Antarctica

Antarctica is the destination not to be missed for those who love the cold. However, do not expect to find modern cities or hotels, as this area is protected. This is especially aboard a boat you can admire its natural beauty, time for a cruise . You travel the coastline of a whiter than white. Antarctica tent is reserved for experienced explorers. Tourist visits are made in the scientific bases established in the region. Expeditions on the glaciers and penguins are watching entertainment.


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