Monday, February 21, 2011

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If you are looking for somewhere very exotic, but not too far away, consider a trip to Morocco with blue skies, its climate and its treasures.

A shimmering backdrop

In Morocco, you will first find a unique atmosphere and a profusion of color everywhere: buildings, the sunshine and the origin of mixed population. Here, a surprise awaits at every corner. Despite soaring incomparable tourism, Morocco has managed to keep its authenticity. Behind its modernity, this country of old traditions preserved a unique heritage that can be enjoyed through the beauty of its monuments, such as Kabashi Taourirt or Al Quaraouiyine University of Fez. In spring, flowering confers a decidedly magical side to this destination.

Assets tourist

An ever-present sun, of beaches, warm sea ... It is hard to resist the charm of the seaside resorts in Morocco. Agadir, Saidia, Mazagan are many places where you can enjoy the pleasures of the sea at will. To be closer to the nature, you can watch the many birds of Al Hoceima and dolphins frolicking off the coast. Change under the medina in Fez and the Roman ruins are the main tourist attractions. Taroudant and local crafts are also not to be missed. Thirsting for adventure? Take a trip into the Sahara desert.

A pleasant climate

On its coastline on the Atlantic, Morocco has a very mild climate. The center of the country is rather cold, with its mountainous areas, but in Marrakech and other southern cities, the weather is pleasant even in December. In Some cities such as Agadir, we must warm almost all year. So for an unforgettable trip to Morocco, make sure to pack light clothing and casual, and a sweater for cool nights.

A tradition of hospitality intact

You will appreciate the warm hospitality and Moroccans. Indeed, cultural exchanges are not a recent phenomenon in Morocco. Located at the crossroads of European and African continents, Morocco shows always open to different cultures and civilizations. To discover Moroccan traditions, a quick tour of the riads, or immersion in the souks overflowing animation is absolutely set. The opportunity is especially suitable to meet the people.


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