Monday, February 14, 2011

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Balloon Safari in Kenya

You will discover the light of ballooning, the splendor Kenyan scenery and wildlife that inhabit the Maasai Mara National Reserve during a wonderful safari in Kenya ... Balloon!


The thrill of an expedition

A balloon safari is an adventure in itself. For your first flight, you may feel a bit impressed. Nevertheless, the ride promises intense sensations, provided that you follow the instructions of the team. Although installed in place designated by the pilot, hang onto the handle while the boat rises slowly to experience the incomparable joy of sailing through the air. Upstairs, the view is breathtaking. You will have only one desire: to relive this wonderful experience.

A trip to the unexpected

For each balloon trip, all trips are new and unique. Indeed, the views only depend on the wind, climate, and mood of the animals. The decor is above all the natural reserve of Masai Mara in Kenya . Each balloon expedition, landscapes change lighting, colors ... A real treat for eyes! With its 1500 square kilometers, the Mara river and wildlife offer incredibly endearing beautiful memories. This site is a wild beauty.

The scenic beauty of Kenya intact

Balloon safaris are held at dawn and you always discover an incredible sight: the sunrise over the plains of the Masai Mara. The twilight brings his warm reflections on the subject coming up. Then you will fly over the African savanna and its many nuances. From the top of the gondola, you will admire the silvery ribbon along the Mara River. Do not forget your camera to capture the breathtaking panorama.

Any surprises to be discovered in Kenya

Balloon Safari, is also chasing wild animals of Africa in an aerial version. Obviously, only the luck you can enjoy unforgettable views, and the surprises are not lacking to punctuate this particular shipment. Above the reserve of Masai Mara, you can observe the movement of elephant herds. You shiver at the thought of seeing wild animals like lions deemed dangerous. You will be amazed at the sight of the zebras crossing the river by the hundreds.


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