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the band, a national dish in the Dominican Republic


Unlike sancocho, the band is more of a flat daily cooking a feast. Yet this iconic dish of Dominican cuisine is not as trite and tasteless. During a trip to the Dominican Republic must absolutely taste!

The band, while a cultural symbol of the Dominican Republic

The gang is the most famous dish among Dominicans and all those who know their culture. In fact, it is mainly because it is served daily for lunch depending on local custom. It is proposed everywhere, whether in restaurants or at home: it's the flat type of the Dominican Republic and we can not escape it.

Moreover, observation, one sees that the band already boasts almost exactly the same colors as the flag of the country. Yet there are also traces of other cultural heritages in the accompaniments of this dish. The simple raw vegetables or pieces of avocado with the proposed bandera not offend the spirit, but you can find most surprising proposals as Russian salad.

Enjoy a band with the Dominicans

Anyway, the band is a dish very satiating, since this is not a single recipe, but a set of dishes. It's good to know before ordering. There are white rice and red beans cooked in a thick sauce. The third is simply to cover the beef. Attention to small stomachs, Dominican portions are generous. For those who do not find this dish rich enough, they can ask for fried green plantain banana fritters to accompany it.

There is no single "bandera dominicana, but several variations that sometimes use the meat of chicken or goat meat. To complete the discovery taste of the band, it is imperative to try bandera For seafood palaces that are not yet used, the mixture of kidney beans in sauce and shellfish can be confusing, but ultimately, it is easy to enjoy this cuisine and colorful blend of exoticism.


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