Monday, September 8, 2008

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The disease is always an imbalance between Yin and Yang. To treat the disease, traditional Chinese medicine recommends to rebalance the Yin and Yang. In the particular case of cancer, the energy situation of the patient is characterized by a perverse excess energy in the body and a corresponding lack vital energy, leading to nodes where the Qi and blood circulate poorly and tumor formation . It is possible, by force of will and work to strengthen the vital energy to eliminate the perverse energies and restore proper circulation of qi and blood.

Whatever the stage of the disease, the practice of Qi Gong allows the patient to take charge to change the terrain and the situation of his own body. The functions described and the effects of Qi Gong cons cancer (Guo Lin Qi Gong) are:

• strengthen the vital energy of the sick person,
• disperse energy perverse
• improve blood circulation and energy,
• reduce the side effects associated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, allowing continuation of treatment, increase the numbers of tests (WBC) and invigorate the blood.

techniques of Qi Gong cons cancer were developed by Ms. Guo Lin . In the fifties, Lin Guo has discovered cancer of the uterus. After an operation, having undergone chemotherapy and have recovered, this lady has devoted Qi Gong for nearly twenty years to set Development of a series of techniques of Qi Gong to fight against cancer. Much of this work was the subject of a report filed and submitted to the Ministry of Health in 1972, during the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976, a period when the practice of Qi Gong was banned. Following the practice of Qi Gong was again permitted. Since then, cancer patients commonly practiced in the park several hours a day this Qi Gong under the direction of professors of Qi Gong.

In cancer cases, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine usually recommend surgery, when it is still possible, but also for its beneficial effects, regardless of the stage reached, regular and intensive Qi Gong in conjunction with other treatments. Qi Gong has in any case evidence on the effects side effects of chemotherapy and radiation allowing the continuation of medical treatment.



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