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: a cure for cancer and chronic degenerative disorders

A speech by Wong Kiew Kit Grand Master presented at the Second World Congress on Qigong San Francisco in 1997.

Translated from English by Hubert Razack

(Sifu Wong was descerné the title of "Master qigong of the Year" at the convention)

The crucial point I want to share with you today is that cancer and chronic degenerative disorders can be cured by practicing Qigong. This assertion is based not only comprehensive medical philosophy, but also on my many years of experience in curing patients with these diseases. Many other qigong masters have similar results.

To understand how and why the practice qigong can cure cancer and chronic degenerative disorders, it is important to realize that the Western medical paradigm is not the only correct way to observe the health and treating disease. Another approach, which went through several centuries, is that of the traditional Chinese medicine. This system has maintained healthy most of the world population for the longest period known in history .

According to Chinese philosophy, there are no incurable disease, although a patient may be incurable if his disease, even very simple, has caused damage beyond a certain threshold. Point departure of this philosophy is that every person is inherently healthy. A few minutes of reflection can verify the correctness of this assertion.

around you and around any individual in the world, there are literally millions of germs that can cause potentially fatal diseases. Your body is subject to constant wear and you're exposed to any kind of stress or radiation. Yet despite all these factors potentially fatal, you stay healthy. If we did not have that natural ability to overcome disease and regenerate us, none of us could stay alive for even a short moment.

So why do some people they catch diseases? Simply because their bodily function have not been able to adjust to the environment. In Chinese medical philosophy, this failure is called "yin-yang disharmony " or yin symbolizes the body and its functions, and yang represents the agent that causes disease. Fortunately, the yin-yang harmony is the norm: good health is our natural right. A disease, whatever name we give to his symptoms, is not natural, and can be cured.

Take the example of cancer. It is an undeniable fact that we live in a sea of carcinogens and we are constantly bombarded with radiation. In other words, carcinogens and radiation that cause cancer affects one in five also four other people. What we should ask ourselves why this is not one person in five suffers from cancer, but why four out of five did not catch! It is indeed everybody catches a cancer not once or twice, but thousands of times during his life, and every time we get over without even realizing it. Only when a person's system ceases to function as it is naturally supposed to do that cancer or other disease manifests itself as a clinical disorder.

Another example: arteriosclerosis. If too much fat is deposited on the inner walls of arteries, blood flow is restricted, causing serious disturbances. Currently western medicine does not cause symptoms that are grouped under the term arteriosclerosis, and can not offer effective remedy. The general impression among the general public is that if someone eats too much fat, then it seems obvious that it is more likely to suffer from arteriosclerosis. In fact, you and other people eat far more fat than any patient with arteriosclerosis, and yet you do not manifest any of his symptoms. This is simply because your system is able to adjust to influt fat, while the system of a patient did not accomplish its natural functions.

The therapeutic approach in Western medicine is to prescribe any salary for a given disease. This approach is effective when the cause of the disease is known, as in the case of malaria or tuberculosis. But when the cause is unknown, as for cancer and chronic degenerative disorders, provide treatment to cure the disease becomes theoretically impossible. Processing returns often relieve the symptoms but not cure the disease.

In Chinese medical philosophy, physicians do not treat the disease - they treat the patient. They do not care to treat cancer and arteriosclerosis, but rather treat the patient. At first glance, treat diseases or treat patients may appear similar. If you look closer you realize that there is a crucial difference. In the case of cancer or chronic degenerative disorders, it is the difference between resignation and hope, or between pain and recovery.

Physicians Chinese restore the patient's health by restoring the yin-yang harmony. In Western terms, this means restore the natural ability of patients to overcome the disease. Do not forget that the same factors that cause cancer or other chronic conditions in a patient also affect other people, but they do not succumb to disease because their system allows them to overcome it naturally. More importantly, before the onset of the disease, the patient also has this natural ability.

Although there are countless factors that can curb our natural functions, the crucial issue is due to two factors:

  • A blockage of energy disrupting the flow of energy in the body
  • Not enough energy for the system to function

For example, if the flow of energy that is supposed to warn the body that there are cells cancérigeuse or excess fat is interrupted, the body will not trigger the natural mechanisms that would allow him to adjust to the environment causing the disease. Or if the body lacks sufficient energy, it can not adjust to the environment effectively. After all, life is a stream of energy that makes sense. If this stream is disturbed or insufficient, the disease appears.

Qigong is the art of energy, and its fundamental objective is to promote a harmonious flow of energy. In Western terms, this means that the energy that produces the hormones in the body, which restarts the casual wear and damage, which discharges the waste, which nourishes the immune system, or caring for countless other tasks maintienent us all alive and healthy, natural way of working. The two main aspects of the practice of qigong can achieve these results:

  • remove energy blockages
  • increase the energy level

energy blockages are removed and there is sufficient energy to the natural functions of the body, yin-yang harmony is restored. Qigong accomplishes both tasks. Qigong is an essential practice to improve life everyday, and can provide considerable assistance in support of health in the West. The health professionals who wish to learn more about qigong to save more lives need not abandon their own training. Qigong can be incorporated effectively in their own practice. This second conference, on qigong, which meet some of the greatest masters of qigong as well as professional Health, offers us a unique opportunity to work on this cooperation is becoming increasingly urgent for the benefit of all.


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