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My Cat Has Puss Coming Out Of His Ear

The goji berry or Lycium Chinese

abbord of all, and to learn a little more, here are the links to which I would refer you because Goji Berry also called Lycium Chinese, or wolfberry, contains many mysteries.

Fruit consumed in China for centuries, Lycium has been shown to enhance the complexion and help conserve our energy and especially good eyesight. It is very rich in amino acids (the building block of proteins), in powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients are beneficial to health in general terms. Lycium is known in China as a "yin tonic," traditionally used to stay healthy.

We also find in parts of Southeast Asia widely used in cosmetology. It is a powerful anti-free radicals and the human body as a "factory" as any mechanical it will produce toxins that have been very difficult to eliminate. Also, in industrialized countries, where pollution, stress and everyday life accelerate the proliferation of free radicals (poisons and toxins generated by the body), it is wise to use protection. Lycium can stop the development of these free radicals responsible for aging cells. How removed? For a contribution in lives. C and E. Know that the Lycium is known to be 40 times more effective than live. C and 100 times more powerful than Vit. E!

Its application on effective therapeutic :
Joint pain

vision disorder
The sexual incompetence

gastric and intestinal ulcers

Bedsores Burns
Frostbite and boils
Moreover, Lycium strengthens the immune system and fight against the toxic effects of chemotherapy or drug dependence, for example, like a poison and cons of purifying the blood.

Used in China often in combination with licorice, rich in bioflavonoids, it will also have an action against:

Abdominal pain
TB abscesses

Food poisoning

Congestion Colds and flu

In addition, some formulas used Lycium losses of memory, senile people elderly, people undergoing chemotherapy, persons suffering from serious illnesses, anyone observing the disturbances of brain function ... and all wishing to regain momentum and sin!

His dosage:

One tablet daily with each meal (2 or 3) for a person in proper health. The dosage will be increased depending on the problem and follow up with a seasoned experts.

NB: According to my references, Dr Yves Donadieu (Faculty of Medicine of Paris), lycium not propose to someone who would undergo a chemotherapy treatment, is non-assistance to persons in danger!

In conclusion: I would say

Lycium is probably one of the most valuable allies to better fight against the aggressions that we encounter in our Western countries and our lives every day. I use it personally for me, my family and my clients in the form of additional organic food (can also be found in capsule, but less effective) in synergy with another plant or not, and the results are sometimes surprising actually see the drugs in treating certain ailments.

"I take full responsibility for the therapeutic claims used in the writing of this article

Beril Peter David (or" RM welfare ")

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