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Really Hard Old Surgery Game

Chinese Medicine and Humanism

Many patients are directed towards the concepts of Chinese medicine heiress secular but still present. Based on a true humanism, this therapeutic tradition evolves and generates multiple searches.

" Doctors, never forget that you're dealing with other human beings. Forget your protocols and your stats and do not forget the medicine first, love your neighbor. Patrick Shan, launches a genuine plea for the spirit of the Hippocratic oath to get back to blow our medicine. And the Chinese medicine practitioner says " It is time that the patient is central, not disease. "There is likely key to the success of natural therapies. From listening, time for reflection, a real exchange between patient and therapist before any medication. Yongzhou Wang TCM promotes harmony between man and nature to maintain health. When a disorder is the "Consultation is an opportunity for communication, dialogue leading to understanding and enjoying the patient." Thus the discovery of all the sides of the disease becomes possible.

At pulses, needles and genes

In addition to the originality of the pulse diagnosis, Chinese medicine this line of research. "Acupuncture points related to time contain a power of memory," explains Dr. Miansheng Zhu, head of the university of traditional Chinese medicine in Paris XIII. Thus, trauma may be registered as a film that returns in different circumstances. "By working these points in time, we can erase this memory source of the injury." For Gao Yimin, a relationship exists between the yin-yang balance and the genetic control. And it would be possible by regulating the genes mutated, to fight against aging or cancer. "Qi is crucial for health, balance yin-yang as well." Moreover, the Chinese tradition says that the youth can be extended through diet and Qi Gong. Impressive by his presence and his technique, Professor Liu Dehua said that Qi Gong helps maintain the health and cure many diseases. Qi Gong specialists use sound and movement therapy, they seem able to project a wholesome energy at a distance.

A historic moment

Many practitioners of Chinese medicine exercise without a diploma of doctor of medicine. But most have followed a serious course in China or Europe. Nevertheless, some friction with some doctors exist. Building on the recent European recognition of Osteopathy and to become credible to government, the major federations have signed the October 1, 2005 a common protocol including a code Ethics and unifying them in the French Confederation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The ceremony was attended by Ms. She Jing, vice minister of health in China. Thus, teachings of different schools and will match a code of practice governs all professional practice. Members will benefit from a legal department of defense.

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