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meaning and scope of Qi Gong

By JIAO Guorui, translated by Vincent BEJA

Qi Gong, a remarkable legacy of ancient China, is an important component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Qi Gong is a prophylactic method specifically Chinese. The practice of Qi Gong is to prevent and treat diseases, strengthen the constitution, avoiding premature aging and prolong life. Key features include Qi Gong exercise that integrates Essential Qi mental activity with body postures and breathing. For this reason Qi Gong has been highly regarded as an important method care and aging. Historically

Qi Gong has always been widely used in China for medicinal purposes. It is also used in Buddhist and Taoist physical exercises. Techniques include Jinggong (stationary exercise), the Donggong (dynamic exercise) and Jing-Donggong. The movements are varied, some emphasize the sweetness, the other on force, the internal exercise, exercise outside, disease treatment and prevention.

In the field of prevention and medical treatment, Qi Gong differs from other physical therapies, and the term "Qi Gong" which he characterized as exceptional. The term "Qi" is linked to physiological functions. The experts call it Qi Qi Gong Internal or Dan Tian Qi (mainly in the viscera) and it generates life. The term "gung" refers to Gongfu (Art Practice). And Qi Gong is a kind of self-training by which the practitioner extends its initiative to exercise the body and mind work overall it provides confidence, personal adjustment, fitness, prevention and treatment of disease; invigorating and strengthening the constitution making it resistant to premature aging and prolongs life.

As a remedy, and through prophylaxis, Qi Gong exercises its effects the body through its movements, its postures, regulation of breathing and mind control, restoring the constitution and strengthening the body resistance. For example, we can effectively improve the robustness of those prone to colds and chills through regular exercise and daily Qi Gong. Such a fitness regressed symptoms while improving the whole person. Disagree with this theory some experts Qi Gong focuses on only some parts of the body, while others believe it is only effective for functional disorders. But it has nevertheless been shown that Qi Gong can effectively treat certain organic diseases such as ulcers. Therefore, provided that Qi Gong is practiced correctly, the therapeutic effects are achieved and duration of disease as convalescence is shortened.

Qi Gong is also effective in the treatment of certain chronic diseases, especially hypertension, heart problems, ulcers, neurasthenia and bronchitis. However it is unrealistic to believe that Qigong is a panacea. No therapeutic method can be substituted for another, each with its merits. Qi Gong can mitigate the severity of problems and accelerate healing with no installation or special equipment. Therefore its clinical use is so highly desirable.

In terms of formatting Qi Gong brings a lot. The expert users usually receive significant improvements in the areas of digestion, respiration and the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Sleep is better, the fatigue goes away, we become stronger physically and nervously and improves endurance and thus the effectiveness of its work. Course of healing, the consolidation of health and therapeutic effects depend on many factors. Although Qi Gong is a effective treatment method, this does not itself alone. It must also strike an appropriate balance between work and rest and adjust our diet.

Qi Gong has anti-aging and life extension. Formerly it was believed that Qi Gong is a healing technique and longevity. According to historical sources, Hua Tuo, a famous doctor of the Three Kingdoms period (220-280) invented the exercise of the frolics of five animals (Wuqinxi) and long practiced. He looked even younger then he was one hundred years. This effect is verified by the elderly who have practiced Qi Gong for the long term. Many octogenarians and people over 90 who regularly practice qigong are lively, with a normal blood pressure, good eyesight, clear voices, healthy teeth, they sleep well, walk with a firm, enduring heat and rarely suffers from disease. They differ greatly from those who do little exercise. Qi Gong brings a lot to geriatrics.

In ancient Qi Gong was regarded as the key to immortality. This however is impossible because aging is a natural law. Undertaking the practice of Qi Gong is not to obtain immortality by closing his eyes and thus passing the time but to win a physical force to avoid premature aging, so we stay alert and strong and we thus making longer his contribution to humanity.

Some believe there is some mystery in the exercise of Qi Gong, making it very difficult to control. This is false. Qi Gong is scientific. When we are guided by instructors with extensive experience of Qi Gong, following natural laws, we may gradually master it. As Qi Gong is practiced diligently and conscientiously can be controlled and be successful in health, work and study.



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