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Big prevention methods in TCM, lecture by J. Pelissier

"In TCM, each family of emotion is in harmony with the bodies.

A fundamental place of the body, linked to fear, is" kidney energy ". Located between navel and the hip, consisting of different organs in the body part, it governs bone mineralization among others . is also the place of "oil ancestral" vital energy base which can to rebuild and control aging and longevity. This energy kidney functions as a battery where all the action day takes energy. It allows our body to have its vast adaptability, wider than one immune.

To recharge the battery of the kidneys, three methods are available to us.

1 / Sleep (30% of the time of our lives)

The worst position? Prone sleep because breathing is blocked and our heat management is disturbed.

The best position? Sleeping on the right side because the heart is not compressed.

The most important? The regularity of sunrise and sunset. But the Chinese sense, regularity requires some irregularities to avoid the body become stiff in the Habit.

The ideal length? Between 6 and 8 hours per night, sleeping if possible between 23 am and 6 am because most Yin time of the deepest night between 23 pm and 3 pm, provides the best reloading.

According to TCM, a healthy person should be able to fall asleep and wake up the application on demand, without waking. Do not remember your dreams is evidence that sleep was more restful as possible.

2 / Relaxation

ancĂȘtrale version of relaxation therapy, relaxation will lead to a gradual decline of physiological parameters to deep relaxation. Ten minutes of relaxation equivalent to three hours of sleep.


after lunch because digestion takes a lot of energy on returning in the evening (so to 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.), otherwise will settle down with fatigue overactive brain causing a lack of patience with his family (at better) or even a takeover of ICT-compulsive disorder OCD.

3 / Breathing

"You only live because you think you eat and that we breathe." The thought will be lethal in a few months, the food in a few days but the absence of breathing in three or four minutes! We breathe all about 17 000 times per day.

automatic reflex, we inhale approximately 500 cc3 air (air = oxygen = energy). But if we are irritated or stressed, the capacity is reduced to 250 cc3 - 300 cc3. Our body sends us signals as to miss the sighing and yawning.

But breathing can become conscious. By this means we can act instantly on physiology. This is to recover the natural breathing as a baby whose belly swells in its cradle. Diaphragmatic breathing, also known as abdominal ventral potentiates whole dietary life outside. On the inhale, the belly swells and the exhale, the belly deflates: a single gulp of air then brings us to 3000 to 7000 cc3 cc3!

Three breathing exercises for three lap times of the day.

the morning before sunrise (1 set of 20)
wake up between 1 liter and 1.5 liter of blood pools near the portal vein and liver, blood must flow back quickly towards the ends. So

inflate the abdomen and press your hand sharply to deflate it. This exercise massages the intestines and "shoot to oxygen throughout the body." Practice 20 times in a row makes a hyper oxygenation and wait a few minutes before standing up to avoid dizziness from hyper ventilation.

the evening at bedtime (1 set of 20)
Already lying comfortably, inhale through the nose and then blow as long as possible before very very slowly like a candle still lit. This exercise helps to empty the lungs. You can also view the path of the clean air and dirty air in your body by exercising visualization chained to a meditation which will help you sleep.

Dead time of the day (7-8 breaths, 30 to 40 times per day)
During the many small moments when we look ... a red light, an internet download, a telephone caller, an exercise allows very simple to focus, improve its performance and lucidity, and live fully in the present moment mindfulness.

Sitting or standing, as you are breathing in through the nose, swelling belly and exhale through the nose as well. You are going to trade between 3000 and 4000 cc3 air. The Hui Chun


A final method will avoid stagnation in the body, causing stagnation of blockages. This exercise is called "Return of Spring" or Hui Chun Gong. In disjointed puppet, must jump in and releasing all without breaking the feet while inside will vibrate, jump (eyes, intestines ...)

Prevent blockages avoid getting sick and also gives strength to help others without burning his ancestral vital energy.


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