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's Amazing "virtues" of GOJI

That would be the result of the most nutritious and richest antioxidant in the world!

Can we say that goji is the most powerful natural product antioxidant acting against aging and concentration of food still on the planet ever discovered ?

In some remote parts of the planet, it is still common to live 100 years or more. Thus the people of the Himalayas viveraient longer, happier and healthier than most Westerners. Without liver cancer, no diabetes, no heart disease, without cholesterol problems, arthritis, depression and sexual dysfunction.

One of the reasons why they would be in such good health lies in the fact that they eat the fruit of the wild GOJI (Lycium chinensis or "Tibeticum) daily. This amazing fruit is - it seems - the nutrient most concentrated ever discovered to date .

Food that get in better shape, help you lose weight, give a lot of energy ... He would fight hypertension, anxiety and even replace the joy ...

Numerous scientific studies show and confirmed by several clear advantages to consume every day this little red fruit. Here are a few: prevention and treatment of arthritis, cholesterol, obesity, leukemia, headaches, diabetes, allergies, asthma, insomnia and several types of Cancer ...

According to various studies, the success of GOJI come from several nutrients - including polysaccharides - that there are, including: •

19 amino acids constituting a block of proteins, including the 8 essential vitamins for life. It said it would be unique in the world plants.

• 21 minerals and trace elements, including germanium, rarely found in foods.

• 13% more protein than whole wheat.

• A full range of carotenoids including beta carotene (better source than carrots) and zeaxanthin (important for the eyes).

• 400 times more vitamin C than oranges !

• Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and vitamin E (very rare in the food, it is only in whole grains).

• Acids Omega 3 essential fatty easily digestible, essential to brain and nervous system (helping people with depression, reduces stress, improves memory and concentration, and helps regulate cholesterol).

• Betaine, used by the liver to produce choline, helps reduce homocysteine levels and protects DNA.

• The fruit of GOJI is the largest source of antioxidants and carotenoids known among all foods. It effectively helps maintain a healthy liver and gives a lot of energy, especially when taken in the morning.

• Four types of polysaccharides which fortify the immune system . These polysaccharides are "master molecules" that command and control the most important defense systems of the body. The fruit of

GOJI is the most powerful anti-aging food existing on Earth. It stops the aging of cells six hours after ingestion of the fruit. The GOJI is capable of reversing, at a much earlier stage in the evolution of the blood of the elderly. It stimulates the secretion by the pituitary gland of growth hormone rejuvenation. The

GOJI is used to treat AIDS, chronic cough, hepatitis B, fibromyalgia, crown disease, premenstrual syndrome, hypertrophy of the prostate and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Other significant benefits are yet to mention: it improves the health of the eyes, gums, hair, enhances memory, muscle strength, calms the nerves and protects against liver disease. In what is said, the GOJI mental clarity and increases the gaiety !

There is no inconvenience or risk to goji. It suits the whole family. Children and even pets love the delicious taste of GOJI.

It is possible to consume a daily thirty fruit, equivalent per day, a handful of dried fruit to maintain good health.

Research shows that to obtain maximum benefit, daily consumption is recommended and stable for at least a few months. Most people feel the benefits resulting from consumption of goji in a period ranging between 7 and 14 days, some a day or two days later. For the relief of certain diseases (arthritis, leukemia, fibromyalgia, etc.). It will continue to 6-9 months to fully enjoy all the benefits of goji.


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