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The mental concentration and its effects on the movement of Qi

JIAO Guorui, translation by Vincent BEJA

Concentration is one way to train the mind. The mind leads the field by leading the flow of Qi. This is the key to start any movement in the exercise of Qi Gong.

In addition, leading to the quiet mind to influence the Qi, the mental direction of the flow of Qi is up, down and move left and right.

The place which achieves the concentration of the mind affects the movement. If the navel (Dan Tian Central) is the center of attention, the mind can guide the Qi upwards until Tanzhong, Yindang, Daihui and so on ... If the concentration goes down from the central to the Dan Tian Qihai, Guanyuan, Huiyin, Yongquan and other points of acupuncture, qi is induced to descend. Phenomena such a student in blood pressure, shortness of breath, dizziness and tightness in the chest are common clinical observations when the mind is concentrated on the region of the nose. When the mind focuses on Yongquan, the voltage drops, breathing deepens and sensations of comfort may appear. Generally the more the concentration is high in the body, the more Qi may rise, and conversely, the lower the lowest and Qi can descend. This illustrates the fact that the spirit and Qi converge at the same place. That is why the acupuncture point of the Dan Tian Central should be taken as the origin, regardless of where the mind is trying to concentrate.

For this reason the navel, Dan Tian also called Central, is considered the center of the human body, the common point of the spleen and pancreas. Clinical practice has shown that the concentration of mind on the area where the stomach, pancreas and spleen are localized not only increases the median Qi (digestive function) and harmonizes Qi general, but also increases remarkably impaired functions digestion, producing a range of beneficial effects in other parts of the body. Thus the focus on the Dan Tian Central is traditionally considered the foundation of practice. On this basis we can then develop and operate a point secondary concentration anywhere else.

areas of concentration may be the Dan Tian Superior, Dan Tian Central and Lower Dan Tian. In the scope of what is called the Dan Tian Central (internal navel) sometimes called the Central Trunk can find points shequ (Dan Tian Front), Zhongwan (about 10 cm above the navel) and Qihai (about 3, 5 cm below the navel), although Zhongwan slightly above the zone and Jianli slightly below. People with too much qi in the upper body and not enough in the lower part should mainly focus on the lower trunk. The Dan Tian is recommended Central Persons with health "normal" while the Dan Tian Superior must not be used as a concentration area permanently.

As for the opening and closing of mental concentration, open means that the Qi is guided by the spirit in an expansion from internal navel which creates the sensation of Qi invading the body. Close means focusing Qi from the extremities and superficial parts of the body that you feel full of energy. In practice we usually alternate techniques for opening and closing.



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