Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Day of the Dead in Mexico

Day of the Dead is one of the most important traditional events in Mexico. If your trip coincides with that country in the days of celebration, be sure to attend this fascinating ritual.

Celebration Day of the Dead, an ancient tradition

As in many countries around the world, Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead 1 and 2 November. However, the country has its own way to commemorate this event. At the time pre-Columbian Mexico already honored the dead with a festival that took place in a period corresponding to the months of July and August. The arrival of the people of Spain Mexico and the contribution of Christianity led Mexicans to confuse their traditional festival of the dead and the Christians. The celebration has been set the first two days of November according to the Christian calendar.

Currently, November 1 is dedicated to dead children while 2 is dedicated to all the dead. During these two days, you can see everywhere in Mexico the festivities Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos. Depending on the region, the celebration can begin on Oct. 30, but it is always very festive. The best parties are held on the side of the city of Patzcuaro. Living live the emotions of such an event surely surprise you during your trip to Mexico .

specific rites for the celebration of the Feast of the Dead in Mexico

To commemorate the feast of death, Mexicans have their own tradition. In each house, an altar was erected to honor the dead and on which are placed offerings such as bread, candy, candles, tequila, not to mention the deceased's favorite food. Outside, the brightly colored flowers are placed on roads leading to cemeteries. For the occasion, the Mexican sugar skulls open or chocolate. In city streets, you will see families go on their way to the graves for ceremonial visits.

Today we see that Halloween of U.S. origin which takes place on the same dates is growing in Mexico. You see more and more children dressed as witches or monsters scroll in towns with their little basket in hand in search of some goodies. This celebration also allows travelers to take part in the commemoration. Despite the influence of U.S. culture, the festival of the dead in the Mexican style is still widely practiced and continues to fascinate tourists.


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