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Kaya sacred forests Mijikenda

In general, Kenya is the symbol of an exceptional natural wealth. The sacred forests of Kaya Mijikenda form an important part of his treasure. Focus on these jewels of civilization Kenya.

Forests Sacred Kaya Mijikenda of Kenya, location

Located along the Kenyan coast, the sacred forests of Kaya Mijikenda are fortified villages in eleven different forest sites. These occupy an area of about 200 km with traces of the past associated with kaya and people of Mijikenda. They were erected around the sixteenth century and from 1940 a new status has been spent. These forests are now valued as an abode of the ancestors and a kind of temple of spiritual beliefs of the people Mijikenda . As a result, they have a significant value to the country and globally.

sacred Kaya Forests Mijikenda: a fortress of Kenya
Kenya is famous for its safaris and national reserves, but the sacred forests of Kaya Mijikenda also deserve special attention. Since 2008, UNESCO declared World Heritage site under Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity . The legend of Kaya, combined with Mijikenda shows great respect to authenticity of all the people of Kenya. Kaya forests are sites glorious symbols of identity Mijikenda, an indigenous community that has marked the history of Kenya. This country is proud to count among the essential for a rewarding stay in Kenya .

sacred Kaya Forests Mijikenda: cradle of traditions and universal value

If you go by Kenya, discover the sacred Kaya forests that highlight the full value of the Mijikenda people. This population is distinguished by a peaceful nature and the life of a legacy of traditions and cultural values. Mijikenda and showed a perfect harmony with nature and the whole ecosystem in more than fifty kaya forests. The guarantee of the sanctity of the forests by not cutting trees and preserving the ecological wealth of places was their number one goal. That is why Kaya forests are sacred. Currently, they are revered for the spiritual beliefs that are assistants and they are the ancestral home.


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