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Christmas and new year in Senegal

Senegal is an exotic destination, ideal for the expatriation of the holiday season. Christmas and New Year are celebrated at the Senegalese way.

Senegal, a winter sun destination

approach Christmas with his cold winter for those who want to enjoy year-end holidays in the sun , the destination of Senegal is quite appropriate. In fact, Senegal is among the countries most exposed to the sun with over three thousand hours of sunshine per year. There are two seasons in Senegal: the rainy season from June to October and dry season the rest of the year. The end of the year is therefore spared the rain while offering the milder temperatures, 24 to 26 degrees on average, a good reason to enjoy the generous climate of this country. There are five types of climate zones are divided vertically, from very dry to wetter north to south, but it is clear that in Senegal in December guarantees a pleasant stay. For stays of less than three months, no visa is required.

Christmas in Senegal, a beautiful proof of friendship

Christmas is celebrated in Senegal as in any other country in the world. The opportunity to meet with family festivities in addition to children eager to open their gifts. Here as elsewhere, Christmas is the celebration of children and the number of events in their honor is important. Santa Claus is increasingly represented in the country where the population is 95% Muslim. That's what makes the charm of Christmas in Senegal , this festival is not necessarily a religious character, just an opportunity to celebrate with neighbors of any What obedience. Everyone goes to the most beautiful decorations to celebrate this great moment of brotherhood and tolerance.

New Year festive Senegal

The New Year Senegal is no exception to the rule: the atmosphere is lively. Festivals are also organized throughout the country. Just look at the posters in the streets for locations organizers. The nightclubs of Dakar and Petite Côte are crowded. A fireworks display is planned in the capital each year for the occasion. In St. Louis, a parade Fanals is organized, accompanied by chants and rhythmic drumming, honoring the tradition. This festival is, however, much less present in the remote areas of the country, ideal for lovers of calm and tranquility. Both atmospheres are possible in Senegal, just six hours from Paris. Scenery and warm welcome assured.


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