Monday, December 20, 2010

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New Year in the mountains

Want to spend the holidays in other years? Choose a Christmas Eve in the mountains. With family or friends, a party in the snow and above the tracks is a good idea to welcome the new year.

's Eve New Year's day, heading to the ski resorts

Choose a Christmas Eve in the mountains and spend Christmas and New year pleasant and friendly. A Eve in the Pyrenees seems to be an excellent choice. Among the resorts that have made the reputation of the region is in Masella Cerdanya Catalonia. Your Christmas Eve in the mountainous area will immerse you in the heart of a particularly exotic. Heated shelters, trails, secure, diverse entertainment after skiing, everything is present to offer a perfect stay. At the heart of the Catalan region, offering breathtaking views of the Cerdanya trays, this resort you will discover the myriad wonders of the Pyrenees. Do not miss the peaks Carlit Peric and offering stunning views of the Bouillouses the frozen lake in the region.

Also in France, a Eve in the Alps is also a good plan to spend the festive season. As a family, enjoy the comfort of a cozy cottage after sessions of skiing. In love, stroll along the deserted tracks from the dawn of the new year and enjoy the splendor of the region before the arrival mass of skiers and other tourists. From which to attack the downhill ski resorts, the best solution is to get to Grenoble by plane or train. From there, you will have no concern as several shuttles connect the city with the main Alpine ski sites providing you successful ski vacation.

Eve in the mountains, the major destinations

off to discover the Grand North is an unspoken dream for most fans of winter sports. If you belong to this category of people, a Christmas Eve in the mountains in Lapland is a good plan to spend New Year holidays unforgettable. This adventure full of authenticity will plunge into the heart of a wild and especially conducive to skiing and relaxation. Depending on your level you can choose between hitting the slopes wild mountain at high speed or sail the wonder of nature on a snowmobile. The magical spectacle of the aurora borealis and a romantic sleigh ride promises spend a wonderful holiday that no other destination can offer.

Country trappers, pioneers and the Mounties, Canada is also the land of snow and activities related to winter sports. For Eve in the mountains, there is nothing better than starting the discovery of Canada. Besides winter sports, an Eve in the mountains in Canada you will also enjoy the happiness of other activities such as dogsled rides, snowshoeing, and for most patients, the ice fishing. Finish each day in hotel establishments in the region to sample the delights of local cuisine.


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