Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wedding Saree Blouse Designs


Association Arco Iris Cumbaza aims, through partnership with Rainbow Bridge, to evolve his current projects and to integrate new projects.

- Sustaining the current projects and generate resources for the association
- Renovate existing structures
- Get equipment for up activities
- Renovate and improve the structure Hunab Ku and implement an ecotourism project from French travel agencies

projects in perspective:
- Develop plans for conservation of medicinal plants and plant and animal species endemic
- Perform exchange of knowledge and know-how inter cultural and inter-generational through the participation of international volunteers, and by creating a network among associations: draft permaculture, green building, reforestation, environmental education, workshops for children and creative center TiNi Madre Tierra, workshops in the Casa Hunab Ku, etc..
- Creating a yoga center for the village children

Partnership with the association Rainbow Bridge
The partnership with the Rainbow Bridge Association will bring the association Arco Iris Cumbaza cultural openness to the world, as well as the opportunity to gain new information, future knowledge and know-how to release the creative energy generated by the exchange and sharing between people.

is an opportunity to support other projects, to unite the energies and learn to work together to build a fairer, more united, more respectful of life.

Se are projects in perspective with other continents ...


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