Thursday, January 8, 2009

What Can You Mix With A Cavalier

vision Qigong

education ritualized Qi Gong defines a space-time closed from which external reality is temporarily suspended. This particular experience, subject to a set of ritualized gestures, does not propose there not a strategy consisting of discrete cut the contingencies of the environment to discover a more refined in its relationship with oneself and the world?

Although difficulty in achieving the actions to perform (lack of coordination, lack of flexibility), a 56 year old man says: "If we unclear how a move or take an attitude, is already well internalize important because later, without knowing why, we begin to do what is asked. "

Qi Gong is based on a vocabulary ancestral body which incorporates the movements of defense used in traditional martial arts (Wu Shu). In the eyes of people who discover Qi Gong, the attractive idea would be to assign a vision both holistic and metaphorical body. So that well-being, physical, psychological and physiological characteristics intermingled. While the practice of Qi Gong can gain flexibility, if it promotes the effective use of the respiratory system, whether it improves self-awareness through meditation, it also ensures the proper functioning of vital organs. The body is now the explicit form of an individual more or less claimed, more or less assumed. Derived from traditional Chinese medicine, qi (pronounced chi) Gong is a gymnastics prevention. In the eyes of Western practitioners, this gym is the perfect excuse to break with routine mechanical equipment. Introduction to an economy of gesture culturally different.


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