Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cat Has Pus Comming Out

Coordinate postures with breathing and mental concentration

Concentrating the mind, lead breathing and postures are three main methods of Qi Gong exercise. With the mind in control, they complement each other and work together as components of the exercise of Qi Gong. But schools differ in what they emphasize, some emphasizing the mental workout, others emphasizing breathing, while others insist on postures. Although every method has its own function, it always includes three aspects. It is necessary to choose an individualized training program to Qi Gong to comply with the fitness of the practitioner.

posture descent associated with the expiry can lead the Qi down. If the mind is concentrated on the lower trunk or the spirit guides the Qi the descent of Qi is more powerful. When the posture of climb is combined with inspiration, it vigorously promotes the elevation of Qi. Usually the upward movement, including exercises in static postures high, is not associated with concentration of mind on the upper trunk to not unduly raise the Qi or result in adverse outcomes. The same is true of positions opening and closing.

posture climb is often combined with the end to lead the Qi down and prevent it from rising too high. To restrict the rise of Qi, the mind is often focused on the parties central or lower trunk. Although movements of ascent and descent differ from those of opening and closing, they deserve all that attention is paid to keep under control the Qi and avoid excesses.

Clinical experience also confirms the need to control and restrict the movement of Qi. Qi amount of cases often leads to excess in the upper body while the downward movement of the product strength and mass in the lower part. This admitted, we understand that the rise is rooted in the descent, the movement of Qi should not be forced, and we should let the Qi back to its origin.

The movement of Qi also includes opening and closing. As the opening disperses Qi and the closure accumulates and stores, too open and may result in the lack of closure may solidify too Qi and prevent it from circulating. Openness does not mean pushing force Qi outside the mental concentration but the elapse of himself where the internal Qi is full. It follows that the Qi back to its origin is often considered the basis of the practice of Qi Gong.


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