Sunday, February 1, 2009

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The association headquarters is located in San Roque Cumbaza, a small Peruvian village of San Martin region. Google Earth

6 ° 24'17 .35 "S 76 ° 25'38 .91 "O

Located one hour from Tarapoto, the regional capital, it is in the area of rainforest high Peruvian border with Brazil and is part of the conservation area of the Cordillera Regional Escalera.
The geography of the place makes it an outstanding area in flora and fauna, ecosystems high rainforest being very poorly represented in the world and home to many endemic and endangered.
In addition, the watershed the source of the river Cumbaza lies in its entirety on the district and its annexes and is the main source of water drinking the San Martin region.

District of San Roque Cumbaza nearly 1800 people, nearly half living in the village itself, the other half is allocated on the native communities nearby (Aviación Chunchiui, and Chirikyacu Aucaloma).
Almost the entire population is dedicated to agriculture and the main export products are coffee, cocoa, rice, cassava, maize, peanuts, beans, bananas and sacha inchi .


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