Sunday, July 4, 2010

Can You Get High Off Of Muscle Relaxers

Buenos Aires (fin)

Last bus for me to Buenos Aires. New customs inspection, which found nothing this time because I was alone in the bus!

Arrives in Buenos Aires, I quickly realized that people only live for football (although I already knew). Mobs formed at each corner to see the match between the Netherlands and Brazil (which means that cars have a hard move but no big deal since listening to the game on the radio) . Brazil eventually lost to the delight of the Argentines, honking in the streets and begin to celebrate.
The after-noon, the victory of Uruguay causes the same joy (which is measured anyway).

Tomorrow is Argentina's game. Already the previous game I was on the bus and we'd listen to the radio. The bus had even stopped to see the last 10 minutes on a motorway! For those who would not know, Argentina was humiliated by Germany, and suddenly the streets are deserted REMAINED.
I took the opportunity to discover areas that had not seen the first time (no photos, I did not have my camera), as San Telmo and Puerto Madero. The latter is actually an ancient port which has been completely transformed into a new neighborhood high (towers, Hilton, Ferraris ...). But the neighborhood is still nice especially with a walk along the waterfront are dozens or of restaurants and a sandwich or families are found. Despite the defeat, people have remained in good spirits!

I'm leaving today for Paris and is therefore probably the end of the blog. I want to thank everyone who attended and who have left comments. It motivates us well to continue to make the blog date, which is not always obvious! ¡Hasta luego



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