Thursday, July 1, 2010

How To Sms About My Newly Born Baby

After our separation in La Paz, Villazon direction I go, on the border with Argentina, by bus at night. Long drive 19h, without heating, to arrive at the border of where I take a bus to Tucuman, Argentina. On the way, we stopped by the customs officials, who decided to check all bags in the hold!
It remains a half-hour on the edge of the highway, and they end up not finding a mountain of powder (I can not say what it is but I doubt ...), in a backpack a Bolivian. So
arrival at 2:30 in the morning has Tucuman, before taking a final bus to Iguazu 21h. This time I found comfort in Argentine bus, with a bonus bingo for organizing the trip! Unfortunately, I did not win the bottle of wine ...

Arrive in Puerto Iguazu, finally, the City of Falls Argentinian side. Upon his arrival, I decided to go see the falls, and it's really spectacular! I travel the first path higher, or it is just above some impressive waterfalls. One can also admire the view of others falls off.

Then I head to the lower path, or this time it is at the foot of the falls. It's hard to stay dry with all the steam that emerges, but it is very impressive!

A little further down, a small shuttle takes me to the San Martin island. After a little picnic, I can climb the island and approach of a massive fall meeting of a few tens others, which flows by making a noise impressive.

L-Isla San Martin

Finally, to end the day, I go back and take the train to go see the Garganta del Diablo. This is one of the first falls along the river, and perhaps the most impressive. Can be seen from very far away the vapor cloud created by the fall, and above happens, we do not even see the bottom! We really feel that the water falls endless!

The next day, I hesitate between going to see the falls from Brazilian side, or return from the Argentinian side. Since I did not while the day before, and that day the weather is nice, I decided to return the Argentinian side.
the morning, so I took a path slightly alternating few kilometers in the forest. I am joined monkeys, tapirs and a huge number of butterflies of all sizes and all colors. Finally, I arrive in the fall of several tens of meters high!

Magnificent views of the jungle. On the other side of the river is Brazil

The morning after, I can not help but return under the sun has the devil's throat and the upper trail! Luckily I manage to avoid
large groups of tourists and I can make the most of the falls before returning the next day to Buenos Aires, or waiting for my plane to Paris.


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