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Itching 2 Weeks After Gallbladder Surgery

Inspiration Egyptian Stargate

The pyramid of Giza , located on the west bank of the Nile near Cairo, is the focal point of the movie Stargate Roland Emmerich in 1994. The film focuses on this pyramid, the "Stargate" it was supposed to host, and the god Ra.

An empty burial chamber in Egypt

Ian James Colmer, who was born in 1967, is the founder of Special Effects Studios Bimmini. Since the 1980s, he studied the geometry of the pyramid of Giza. Inside the tomb, a sarcophagus was discovered in the King's Chamber. But a curious thing: we found no mummy, no object in the mortuary. Ian James Colmer then advances a theory about the true utility room: a sort of passage to another world borrowed by Pharaohs. By its geometric calculations, he evoked a complex machine located in the Pyramid, which would open a "Stargate". Roland Emmerich

repeats this theory in his film Stargate. An American archaeologist, Professor Langford, discovered in 1928 in the Giza plateau, a strange metal object, which he called the Stargate. "The device, nicknamed as the military base of Mountain Creek, is a circular metal frame. When the exploration team taken by Colonel O'Neill and Egyptologist Jackson crosses the "Gate", they end up in a large dark room, inside of a pyramid on Abydos. And again, the film is based on the theory of the King's Chamber, that the House had a different purpose than burial chamber: to generate the energy needed to open the "Door".

The god Ra and his guards

Ian James Colmer was a follower of the Theory of Correlation Orion (OCT) that there exists a correlation between the position of the pyramids of Egypt and the position of stars. But also the theory of Edgar Cayce, that the Atlanteans mastered atomic energy, and they were the true builders of the pyramids. In Stargate, Daniel Jackson comes across the page of a newspaper where the horoscope shows a picture of the constellation of Orion. By connecting the points of the constellation, he found one of the symbols used to unlatch the "Door". Arriving on Abydos by surprise, Ra was informed Jackson that he would change the atomic bomb made by the exploration team with an unknown ore to multiply the power of the engine.

In Egyptian mythology, Ra, the sun god, was identified with Horus. In the movie Stargate, Ra is assisted by two lieutenants respectively bearing a mask-headed eagle and a jackal-headed mask. In casting, the latter two characters play the role of Horus and Anubis. Still in the mythology, Ra, having created men and after a long reign, began to decline, and was faced with the rebellion of men. In the film, Ra said deporting thousands of men on Abydos to work in the mine. But an uprising took place and the "Stargate" was buried in the sand.


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