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The Effects of aspartic Regular Qigong


The first of them, quite easily found, is balance both physical and psychic which is the core principle of most schools of "Qigong". This balance is based on a harmonization between the top and bottom, left and right, rear and front, outside and inside, the subtle and gross. This is initially an equilibrium body which is connected to a respirator and a balance energy balance. This helps balance psychic since it tends to restrict the constraints to the environment directly or indirectly by treating them as a natural process. This is in fact a process of adjustment between heat and cold, movement and stillness, the dispersion and concentration, the fullness and emptiness.

The body is no longer under external constraints and climatic variations but integrates correcting them. simple phenomena such as feeling cold, thirst, hunger, fatigue, anger and are less important, this simple fact, less disruptive to the spirit. That would be a kind, or species Sports intelligent and adapts to the practitioner. And on which the practitioner may act or in which it can intervene in good conscience. It is therefore unnecessary to cram drug to achieve an outcome. And practitioners on the ground and not in the stands. Drifts sports does concern us so little. Many of those who begin the practice of "Qigong" when the coaches have already retired.

The second of them, a little longer to obtain, is the serenity .
This is indeed a simple consequence of the balance. It is by no means a kind of sleep of the conscience related to a motionless body and intellectual but, on the contrary, in a controlled and constant movement as a means of access to understanding the internal and external phenomena. This happens so serene as by controlling the breath of bodily movement. It allows, inter alia, save vital energy (Qi) by passing it to better use.

The third is the emptiness or availability.
It simply allows the removal of tension which allows the availability of both physical and mental. The phenomena related to internal operation physiological or related to external circumstances encountered are no longer perceived as genes or stress, but rather as points of support for personal growth. This emptiness nature allows us to act with fewer restrictions related habits. This allows also to overcome certain obstacles physical or mental energy and a more rational use of energy as it allows to act with minimal effort for still get a result. This emptiness, or natural availability is a cornerstone of harmonization of practicing with the circumstances So with nature. No need to practice stadiums or facilities costly and polluting or, indeed, to disguise in order to be recognized.

The fourth is the ability to unify or concentration.
movement, energy, thought meet without effort and to perform well, things seem clearer and are easier. The result obtained through the availability is used more efficiently and lasts. This unification enables consistency and replication of energy states and psychic sought during practice. These four

steps correspond to the various stages of development of practice- Psychico body of "Qigong" mobilization or energy conservation, hospitality or increased energy, conduct or direction of the energy, control or manifestation of energy. It remains to use it with multiple possibilities ... the maintenance of health, treatment of common ailments, artistic expression, personal relationships, family, work. The goal, as in archery is to achieve a result without that it becomes the sole concern of the practice. This efficiency is the result of the work but not his main motivation.

These beneficial effects of the practice of "Qigong" and these four steps are sometimes regarded as the ultimate goal of "Qigong", which is already commendable since many methods are not for more than just physical well-being through gentle exercise she was Oriental.
These are only means to achieve "something else". This "something else", as called Masters of Tao remains the realization of the individual included in its environmental spatial-temporal and the overcoming of it.
If the practice is limited to space and time, to the here and now, the achievements of the practice far outweigh the limited framework. It is always best to differentiate the study of practice, practice and achievements of the practice. These are not related to phenomena specific or limited, but considering the scope of human possibility in the past in the present and the future.

Consciousness, life, movement, energy and matter are one in the illumination achieved by the practitioner, as specified, once again, the Huainan Zi: "He knows without learning, without carries, sees without looking and brings order natural (consistent with the unity of nature) without governing. It embraces the virtue, realizes the harmonious fusion of breath and spirits, continuing with docility and ease the heavenly way of universal harmony. This makes the vision goes beyond the past and that the eye extends beyond the future with great ease. Everything that a man normally requires an exceptional effort is made simply and naturally. "


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