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Oukaïmeden is the main ski resort of Morocco Tours Marrakech

It is situated 74 km of Marrakech on a high plateau. The Oukaïmeden culminates at 3200 meters altitude on the heights of the resort, and is part of the High Atlas mountain range. The ski area, located between 2500 and 3200 meters altitude, is the best equipped and snowy Morocco. It covers about 300 hectares that focus on the northern flank of Oukaïmeden. The snow is usually abundant from November to April.

Marrakech - The consistent snowfall in this winter impose the majestic mountain of Oukaïmeden the light from the palm grove of Marrakech (74 km) and its snowy peak that stands out the horizon far fascinates and draws the visitor, hiker or just winter sports enthusiast.
Oukaïmeden, 1 hour from Marrakech, discover the highest ski resort in Africa
symbol of diversity in those regions deemed arid Oukaïmeden is confirmed as a natural gem and one of the main attractions of the province Al Haouz. And the numbers signing his enormous powers of seduction: an average of 24,000 visitors each weekend.

On weekends, assured the President of the Association delegate Toubkal Ski Club Oukaïmeden (ATSO), Mohamed IDAL, between 8000 and 10,000 vehicles out to attack the site, at an altitude of between 2,600 meters to 3,270 meters and the plateau to the summit.
Oukaïmeden displays its achievements: the largest nationally, the highest resort Ski Africa and most frequented by nationals of Morocco but also visitors from other lands.

With its ski area (about 300 ha) and periods of snow 120 days a year on average, its appeal remains intact, especially in winter and spring after the snow falls from mid-December and mid-April. For amateur and professional skiing and other mountain sports, the resort offers significant equipment, including the highest chairlift in Africa (2,300 m) and 6 ski lifts with a capacity of 4,000 skiers per hour.
Its hotels, restaurants, cafes and chalets are struggling to meet demand peak hours and professionals around the site call for the development of reception facilities to accompany the annual increase in visitor numbers.
To stick to one aspect of the ski station Oukaïmeden has its reference titles in terms of sports competitions. IDAL has reported that world-class skiers will greet you each year in this resort as part of competitions both national and international, most of which run with the assistance of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Skiing and Mountains (FRMSM).
Important appointments are scheduled. The resort will host the 7th edition of the International Trophy Prince Moulay Rachid of February 4 to 7, with the participation of more than fifty skiers from France, Portugal, Belgium, Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco and Andalusia.
In addition to her vocation for skiing, Oukaïmeden bathe in a natural environment is a mixture of lakes, mountains and deep valley. Which allowed him a place in sports, relaxation, Entertainment and Resort. The area also contains significant rock carvings dating back approximately 2,100 years BC, a variety of vegetation endemic to high altitudes and large spaces for hiking, fishing for carp or climbing mountains.
With these advantages, Oukaimeden is now an essential area as a major step in the various tours offered to tourists eager to discover the hinterland of Marrakech.

Details of the investment in the UAE Oukaïmeden
$ 1.4 billion on 600 acres
The project is huge. And according to officials in the region, will spearhead the opening up and development of the area of Haouz. This is a major investment. They are $ 1.4 billion will be invested in a huge attraction to Oukaïmeden, the only ski resort in Africa, located 70 kilometers from Marrakesh in the mountains of Jebel Toubkal.
This is a residential complex with 11 hotels and a golf course. All occupy an area of 600 hectares. As flagship product, investors emphasize the highest golf world 18 holes located at 3,000 meters. But first, it will upgrade the station to meet international standards of winter sports activities.
The developer is none other than Emaar, the property investment arm of Dubai Holding's international juggernaut. His project is part of the 8 agreements between the UAE and the Moroccan government under the chairmanship of His Majesty the King.
Note that the plateau Oukaïmeden is also a place of pasture for livestock in the region. As a result, investors of the project should find a solution to the villagers. But pending and skiing, there will be no problems. According to technical studies, a coherent management of the tracks would allow snow than what we have today. This increase in time and quality, activity winter sports. The technical approach is also considering artificial snow, a solution adopted by several other international ski resorts. This requires development work through the creation of water reservoirs, but it can not allow six months in total snow.
Since 2004, the resort boasts favorable climatic conditions with snowfall at the beginning of winter (November in particular). Due to the seasonality of the business, the station is currently home and in a very good year fewer than 5,000 visitors per weekend, while the snow cover period does not exceed three months. Seasonality will be extended to 6 months and the site will be used during the spring and even in summer thanks to its golf course and residences.
In its entirety, the project will revive and resolve all problems of the station. Until now, few small investors sizes have ventured brave enough despite the absence of any infrastructure.


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