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mafé Chicken Senegal

In Africa, most dishes are prepared with a curry paste, made of peanut paste, and chopped onions. The mafé is from Mali, was then readjusted to the cuisine of Senegal .

mafé chicken, or chicken in peanut sauce in the Senegalese

The mafé is usually prepared with a peanut sauce. The latter is the basis for many dishes. You can choose to prepare yourself, but to save time, you can buy it commercially ready. It is available in supermarkets or delis. If you want to make your own peanut butter, simply toast the peanuts in a little oil, without burning. Then, prune them and crush them with a little water to make a paste. The mafé is a hearty dish, recommended when you receive or if you want to please you. It is very good, eaten in winter because it "warms up". It abounds in many vegetables, cut into chunks, chicken, simmered in a spicy tomato and peanut well tough. There are also mafés prepared with lamb or beef. But mafé chicken is most appreciated.

Mafé The chicken: a recipe

It takes half an hour of preparation, and about an hour to cook. You'll need a chicken cut into quarters, it must be basking in the hot peanut oil. When he took a nice color, remove from heat and let it relax on a grid. Chop two onions and two Caribbean peppers and let them brown. We must then add 50 grams of tomato paste, two cloves of garlic, and vegetables of your choice, such as potatoes, zucchini and eggplant, diced. Add water, and be sure to mix well. Cook covered for twenty minutes. When the mixture is cooked, add the peanut butter and season. Then add the netatou, powder Brown found in grocery stores exotic. Do not forget to mix each ingredient addition. Place the chicken in the sauce and cook until sauce thickens. The cooked chicken will take about twenty minutes. To flavor the dish, you can add chopped coriander. It should be served with white rice as an accompaniment.

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