Friday, June 4, 2010

Simple Confidential Clause

We arrive Sunday night at La Serena, and our first impression is that it's quiet! We join our family hotel has two steps away before looking for a restaurant open on Sundays!
The next day we discovered the city, which should be very animated in summer, but not crazy in this season. We still attend a peaceful demonstration for the inhabitants of the valley of Elqui.

we even went to the beach, see the lighthouse and hotels under construction.

The next day we climbed a bit in the valley, in going Vicuña. We were able to walk down the deserted streets until the mountain of the virgin, or we had a view over the city and the surrounding vineyards.

Because if this valley is known, because it is a major production center of the national drink (in competition with Peru): pisco.
We visited the plant Capel, where we learned the method for making pisco. As always, the best time of the visit was the tasting!

In fact, the Chilean pisco drink with coca, more frequently a Pisco Sour: Pisco, lemon, sugar and a little egg white (or triple sec), you Shaqu and it is delicious!

We do not linger in La Serena, Calama and we leave for a 14h bus, or we will change for San Pedro de Atacama.


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