Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letter Of Disconnection Ofinternet

We leave La Serena at night, towards Calama. After exploring the center of Calama in 10 minutes, time to eat empanadas, we move toward San Pedro de Atacama, 2500 meters, in the middle of the desert.
is a small village where there are probably more tourists than inhabitants, but as the season has not started, it was bearable.

We explored the area, with the first Quitor Pukara, where we observed the ruins of a fortification built in the XIIth century, and climbing with a treestand of or had a view of the oasis and the Valle de la Muerte.

Then we went a bit further into the desert, with a visit to the Valle de la Luna, a desert valley that resembles the lunar landscape but where we find the remains of mines salt. Walking along the rocks with salt, you can hear them crack, which is quite impressive!
After, we went to the other side of the Valle de la Muerte, before watching the sunset over the Andes.

We then found Olivia and Jeremy that we follow from Valparaiso, and we had Gaudelin meeting Cordoba and who joined us from Argentina.

The next day we enjoy the atmosphere of the village before heading towards a obervatoire from where you can explore the sky. Unfortunately, although the sky is clear over 300 days a year, this night there were clouds, and our trip was canceled.

We caught up the next day: sunrise at 3:30 and departure to El Tatio, at 4,200 meters altitude. Arrive at sunrise to see the highest geyser field in the world. At this hour the temperature difference between the outside (-10 degrees) and the Geysers is the largest, and so we see more activity. In fact, we are at the top of kilometers of magma, and geysers are tubes of several hundred meters filled with water. Thus, according to the geyser, you can see the water boiling or fumes.

In particular, there is a pool or you can swim in water at 30 degrees.

On the way back we discovered the flora and fauna of the region including llamas (that we could eat) and Vicuña.

Finally, before leaving, we witnessed the activities of the village with a circus and a concert of Andean music first in the church!

We continue the journey with Gaudelin, departing from night to Iquique


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