Sunday, June 13, 2010

Legendary Pokemon Pokemondeluge

Humberstone San Pedro de Atacama

We start from San Pedro with Gaudelin for a night bus heading for Iquique. We are supposed to arrive at 5am, but for the first time, we lied in the opposite direction since came with 1:30 in advance! So we end up at 3:30 in Iquique with our big bags and only two taxis to get to the center.
Finally, we come not too get on the tube your taxi, from the hostel and we filed is closed! So it crosses part of the city to find a cheap hotel.

It thus ends our night before leaving in the direction of Humberstone, a few miles of Iquique. There is a colectivo that rises in the mountains to finally arrive at the site, has more than 1000 meters above sea level. It is an old mining town, which has been completely abandoned after the discovery of chemical fertilizer (it has so far behind in the blog that can not be more accurate to say anything!) .

Since then, associations are trying to restore it, and you can stroll to discover buildings and buildings in the homes of older people. There are also some exhibits where you can discover everyday objects from the era.
Several neighborhoods comprise the city: those or accommodated the leaders, those for married workers and the guard, unmarried workers. It was a full-fledged town, with its museums, theater (or the greatest of the era came to play), his walk, his school and hotel with swimming pool housed in the carcass of a boat.

The Church, with the entrance of the museum next


Back to school

cuisine restaurant

The pool


A little further, linking the railway, is the industrial area, or we used the resources from the mine (which is even further).

Old locomotive

After a few pleasant hours under a blazing sun, or we thought we were in a western, we go to Iquique, where we had to wait a moment beside the a bus route passes the stop not running.
Back in the mist, or we take the end of Sunday to visit the city with a stroll up the beach, or we could see a surfer. It must be said that one Sunday Sunny autumn, there are not many people in the streets!

Depart the next day to Peru.


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