Monday, June 21, 2010

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Vallée des Incas - Canon de Colca

Depart from Iquique, Gaudelin always in the direction of Arequipa, while 3 buses a day and travel time to cross the border and multiple identity checks on the road.

In Arequipa, found Camille, who had crossed to San Pedro and we were ahead, and explores the center of town around the Place des Armes. Many cathedrals, marches, all dominated by snow-capped volcanoes over 5800 meters.

The cuy, local specialty, better known among us as guinea pigs

Taxis Arequipa

We then left all 4 for a day half of the hike in the Colca Canyon . For that, we had the chance to be good advice, especially we are not going through an agency. After 6 hours of bus, we arrived the first evening Cabanaconde , or it was very well greeted by the Catalans. It turns out that at that time there was a religious festival, and we could watch the fireworks at night!

The next day we finally share in the valley towards an oasis located at the bottom. On the way, we travel through magnificent scenery, and it passes through some small mountain villages. Not more than twenty families live there, supplied by mules, and living through the export of cactus fruit.
We finally arrived in the early after-noon at the oasis, or a hot water naturally flows. So we have to bathe before going to bed with the sun, since there is no electricity!

The next day, climb up rough Cabanaconde before a meal of steak deserves alpaca, and back to Arequipa.

With Camille (left) and Gaudelin (Right)

Finally, before leaving town, we visited the monastery, colorful. It is a city within a city, with its own streets and lived a dozen or religious. Even today, some is still used.

view of the convent, with Misti in the background

We start now both in the direction of Cuzco. Camille by climbing on top of Misti, while Gaudelin hand to La Paz.


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