Saturday, June 20, 2009

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The virtues of green tea (1)

The story of tea begins in China and India not as many believe, there are about 4500 years. Many stories and legends exist about its discovery, the most famous comes from China.

It is said that Emperor Shen Nung asleep at the foot of a tree "Camellia sinensis the " discovered on awakening that leaves the tree had fallen into its container of hot water. Then he tasted this tea in pleasant scent and found it wonderful, so was born the tea in China. Today, tea is the first beverage consumed in the world after water. He is drunk every day around 15,000 cups of tea every second. Its health benefits, recognized long ago by traditional Chinese medicine, have been highlighted by various scientific studies.

The "Camellia sinensis " is the source of all teas, from green teas, black teas, semi-fermented whites, smoked the fragrant, there are about 3000 varieties through the world. The 3 largest producers and exporters of tea are India, China and Sri Lanka. Whatever tea is much healthier for you than coffee and provides the body with a multitude of benefits. But all tea is green tea which is the best known and which has the largest number of properties because the latter opposed to fermented teas, semi-fermented, smoked, did not undergo any processing and thus keeps all its virtues.

The composition per 100 grams of green tea is :
vitamin C 300 mg Vitamin E 100 mg

vitamin B 11 mg 15 mg provitamin A

polyphenols 35% chlorophyll

1% caffeine (caffeine) 3%


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