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The virtues of green tea (2)

Green tea is consumed as a tea and can feel its benefits must be consumed between 1-3 cups a day and its stimulating effect is felt from the first cup. This action is exerted on the fatigue level of the nervous centers in promoting mental activity. This side of the stimulant caffeine lasts much longer than the caffeine . But the major advantage of green tea is its powerful antioxidant properties thanks to the presence of polyphenols and flavonoids that can effectively fight against free radicals that are primarily responsible for our aging , different cardiovascular disease and cancer . This wealth of antioxidant is greater than most vegetables and fruits known to be rich in antioxidants, such as two cups of green tea anti-oxidant equivalent to 7 glasses of fresh orange juice. Its ability to fight against free radicals would even 4 times higher than the equally famous vitamin C and vitamin E.

After drinking a cup of green tea our organization benefits from its anti-oxidant for about 3 hours. It reduces the risk of various cardiovascular diseases , reduces risk of stroke , reduces the cholesterol stimulates and regulates the heart beat , reduces the risk of thrombosis .

Various epidemiological studies have also helped to highlight his role no less important in cancer prevention by stimulating the immune system. But it is also effective in treating cancer by stimulating and protecting the immune system side effects of treatment with chemotherapy or radiotherapy .

Its action would act against cancer at the proliferation of cancer cells by preventing angiogenesis which is the formation of new blood vessels around tumors.

Through its stimulation of the immune system, it could also be useful against a variety of infectious diseases . Green tea has also slimming properties, but weaker than we want to believe and what is not its main virtue anyway.

Tea also contains many fluorine and cons may be useful in caries prevention by protecting the tooth enamel and have a preventive action against periodontitis (gum disease that causes loose teeth). Green tea by all its virtues is part of several centuries the armamentarium of traditional Chinese medicine .

The virtues of green tea are as follows:

  • increase alertness;
  • stimulation of the intellect;
  • vasodilator;
  • diuretic;
  • anti-infective;
  • Action cons diarrhea
  • tobacco harm reduction;
  • prevention of dental caries and periodontitis;
  • slimming action;
  • stimulation of the immune system;
  • preventive action against cancer;
  • prevention of cardio-vascular headache
  • ;
  • aging



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