Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why Does Music Suck So Bad

Qigong-The Energy Working

Qigong, or Chinese gymnastics health is a practical energy used for millennia by the Chinese people to maintain or improve health or to develop greater power in martial arts.

Qi means energy, Gong means work Qi Gong means, therefore, the work is to increase or control the flow of energy through the body.

movements of Chi Kung are made without muscular effort and without increase in heart rate and respiration.
Instead, breathing slows, promoting relaxation and awakening of consciousness.

Regular practice of Qigong helps to develop the internal knowledge of its body and a more subtle perception of the environment, to find the link with nature and the forces opposite and complementary action as it uses the Yin and Yang.

Man is made in the image of nature and contains, like her, Yin and Yang aspects. He lives between the earth is Yin and Yang is Heaven, it is influenced and the transforms (cycle of day, seasons, climate ...) and energy adjusts accordingly.

Among the many benefits of Qi Gong, we can mention:

- relaxation, relaxation
- to relax the joints
- toning structures osteoarticular
- power in the muscular
- the Development
concentration - increasing the life energy.

Qi Gong is aimed at both children and adults and the elderly or sick it helps to live better, longer.


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