Sunday, February 1, 2009

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Action Strategy

To that it includes three projects that are the pillars leading to different ways to self-knowledge and its environment:

Teaching Earth the project Tierra de Niños (TiNi) (Children's Land)

Education Arts with the creative center Madre Tierra

Teaching self-awareness and self esteem in Casa Hunab Ku

- THE PROJECT TiNi (Children's Land)

is an environmental education project of the Peruvian national association ANIA (Associacion para la Niñez y su Ambiente).

Assuming that we will protect you love and that one can not love what you do not know, ANIA aims to teach children how nature works, and to get them to create an affect towards the Earth. The objective of

ANIA is to generate in the child values and practices of social and environmental responsibility by making actor in improving its environment.
environmental education projects tend to involve all actors of society (families, educational institutions, communities, businesses, local authorities, government local and regional) in the major environmental issues.

Tierra de Niños:
Earth Child is land donated to children in which they are encouraged to discover and create the life and biodiversity, and will be recognized for this as change agents in society.

TiNi is located in the same village and having the same objectives as the association Arco Iris Cumbaza, it is allowed within it.

Link Associacion ANIA (English site)

- Creative Center MADRE TIERRA

is a space for children, adolescents and adults in the village, and aimed to provide alternative education through the teaching of arts.

follow the link below cons creative center Madre Tierra

- LA CASA Hunab KU

ecotourism is a center offering activities to the pursuit of well-being and self-knowledge, and us to reconnect with the Earth and natural cycles.

follow the link below cons Casa Hunab Ku


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