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tree : position of embracing the tree posture of standing meditation, see zhanzhuang.
baduanjin : 8 pieces of brocade, a famous qigong, composed of eight movements.
baihui : meeting 100; meeting point of Yang energy is at the top of the head in relation to the above, with the sky.
jumper: jumper, standing meditation posture, see zhanzhuang.
dantian : field of cinnabar; energy center. The lower dan tian is located at the center of gravity of the body, the center of the abdomen, it stores the jing; dantian the median is the center of the chest, it stores the qi, the upper dan tian is located at the head, it stores the shen. When we say "the dan tian" without specifying where it talks about the lower dan tian. There are variations to these locations.
suede : Meridian belt, goes around the waist.
dazhoutian : sky high traffic, high orbit. By concentrating the qi is circulated in the 12 meridians of the body.
Dazhui : the large vertebra, first dorsal vertebra, upper back, before the neck, which protrudes a bit.
Dumai: ship governor meridian in the midline of the posterior body, the yang energy meridian of the body.
home: see triple heater.
cinnabar see jing.
tiger's mouth : space formed by the thumb and forefinger, the tiger's mouth is open or closed, depending on whether the hand is open or form a fist.
houtianqi : postnatal qi obtained from the conversion of food and air.
Huiyin : meeting of yin point in the perineum. Meeting point energies yin in relation to the bottom, with the land.
jing (Cinnabar), vital energy, basic energy, fundamental tone, stored in the lower dan tian.
ke see wuxing.
laogong : palace of work; point in the hollow of the palm, one of the doors of power exchange with the outside.
Mingmen : door of fate point deep in the back, about the axis of the navel.
meridians: the body's subtle channels through which energy flows. There are 12 meridians of the system and the system of the 8 meridians, also called the 8 vessels curious or wonderful.
neigong : practice of internal alchemy, internal working of the qi.
orbit: see xiaozhoutian and dazhoutian.
qi : broad energy, breath. Narrow sense: energy transformation, stored in dantian means. Metamorphosed form of jing.
qigong : energy management, labor breaths. Physical exercises, breathing and concentration.
qijingbamai : the 8 curious meridians.
renmai : ship design; Meridian located on the midline of the anterior body and the meridian energy yin.
Shanzhong : mid-chest ; Point between the two nipples.
shen : 1) the spirit, mind, spiritual energy, stored in upper dan tian. Metamorphosed form of jing and qi. 2) shen cycle: see wuxing.
Shendao : the way of spirits; point between the shoulder blades, in the axis point Shanzhong.
taiji : the supreme ultimate, the grand final, the famous drawing of Yin and Yang is a symbolic representation of taiji.
drum heavenly back of the skull.
Tianmu : third eye.
tiao shen : harmonize body shape (movements, positions and attitudes).
tiao xi : harmonize breathing.
tiao xin : harmonizing the heart.
ting : points of arrival or departure of the 12 meridians, located at the corner of the root of fingernails and toenails (except Yongquan, under foot).
triple heater (Sanjiao) or three homes; below correspond to the heater organs kidney and bladder through the heater are the spleen, stomach and liver; the upper heater match the heart and lungs. Variant: the lower furnace are the organs of elimination, home through the organs of assimilation and the upper furnace circulatory and respiratory organs.
wailaogong : wai = external point on the back of the hand in the axis of laogong. See laogong.
weilu : point to the coccyx.
weiqi : defensive energy, protection, flow to the surface.
Wuji : emptiness, symbolized by an empty circle.
wuxing : theory of 5 elements, wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Governed by the laws of generation cycle (shen) and control (ke cycle). Basis for change and development of all beings and all phenomena. Describes the nature of the organs of the body, relationships between them, and their correspondence with the universe.
xiantianqi : prenatal qi.
xiaozhoutian : small celestial movement; small orbit microcosmic orbit, by concentrating the qi is circulated in a loop around the body through the meridians and Dumai renmai.
xieqi : Energy perversely flawed.
Xuehai, point to the knee, a little inner thigh.
yi : intention, concentration.
yin-yang: two opposing principles, interdependent, complementary, that fluctuate and change each other. The outer is yang, yin is internally where the back is yang, the abdomen is yin yang is the left, the right is yin yang is the top, the bottom is Yin. The movement is yang, yin is immobility, etc. ...
Yingqi : nurturing energy; runs deep into the body, nourish the blood.
Yongquan : gushing spring; point the soles of the feet, about 2 / 3 forward and starting point of Kidney meridian, one of the doors of power exchange with the outside.
yuanqi : original energy; before birth, stored the lower furnace.
Yuzhen : the pillow of jade, is the area of the occiput.
zhanzhuang : standing meditation postures.
Zhongqi : central energy, stored in the average home.
zongqi : ancestral energy, stored in the upper furnace.

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