Friday, January 18, 2008

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Invest in Belize: Country presentation

Belize is located at the base of the Yucatan peninsula, South America, he shared his borders with Mexico and Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea defines the east. The coastline is inundated by mangroves, salt, water lagoons and soft sandy beaches interspersed by a few rivers. South and west are the Maya Mountains and abundant forests. Belmopan, the capital of the country is surrounded by the jungle that is the heart of Belize, it is located near the foothills of the Maya Mountains. On the building of the National Assembly intimidating, located on the "hill of Independence," was engraved an ancient Mayan motif. The site
Lubaantum Maya is located near the city of San Antonio in the Toledo District, is where the famous crystal skull was discovered in the crypt of a temple.
In Belize City, the largest in the country, who was born there 300 years, that trade is more developed, its seaport is also the largest. Its architecture is diverse: style colonial buildings and functional wooden historic cathedrals.


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