Sunday, June 10, 2007

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fourth visit: Sagrada Familia + Port Olympic night

E nce visit again in Barcelona, there's so much to do in that never ends ...
This time we visited the monument more tourist city, the Sagrada Familia.
This Temple was built by the famous Gaudi. Unfortunately he could not finish his work, so this is why today it is still not complete so we do not consider it a cathedral but a temple. Construction is still underway! Besides the beauty of the Sagrada is a bit spoiled with the many cranes and scaffolding.

The best architects are trying to follow the plans that Gaudi had done and felt that there is still between 30 and 80 years of work.

Sagrada Once visited, we went to Port Oympic for a drink in the many bars / clubs throughout the harbor. We would also like to take some night shots.
Port Olympic is very touristy, it's packed with French and English, this is really not the best place to party and meet English. By cons for those who love mini skirts and English music of the 90s will be delighted.

That's what I could you show of our day at the Sagrada Famila then the Port to complete the evening!


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