Sunday, June 17, 2007

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3rd exit: Girona

M espite the rain that day, Vincent and I were motivated to visit Girona, a town north of Barcelona.
This city is known for its well preserved historical center.
When we arrived in the city center a beautiful image of differently colored buildings all along the river Onyar available to us. We stop
history taking some pictures:

To reach the Cathedral, we had several lanes very narrow footprint and very typical. A monument
al staircase rises to 90 steps at the entrance to the Cathedral. Indeed,'escalier the Cathedral of Girona is the biggest steps of Baroque art and one of the most singular of all Europe, thanks to its characteristics and where it is located. The 90 steps are divided into three sections each of thirty steps and three levels. At the top stands the baroque facade of the cathedral, which is considered as the most beautiful monument of Baroque architecture any Catalan.

We visited the Cathedral, a building with architectural elements of Roman, Gothic and Baroque. Cathedral of Girona has the widest Gothic nave in the world,
of 22.98 meters, and is also the widest nave of all styles except that of St. Peter's which measures 25 meters.

There are also many treasures with the most famous among them is the Tapestry of Creation created around 1100. This is the most important piece of all those textile art book preserved in the world today . This room of 12m ² is embroidered with great finesse and many colors. This tapestry represents the steps of creating the world (the birth of birds and fish, man, woman ...).

Then we visited the Jewish quarter the best preserved of all Catalonia and one of the most remarkable of all Spain, dating from the fifteenth century, called El call. The streets of this district are still narrower than the central streets of the old city with a high gradient.

This street is one of the many alleys of the old Jewish Ghetto of Girona.

Finally, we went to the Parc de la Devesa , the urban park's biggest and thickest of all Catalonia, spreads over 40 hectares, nine of shaded walks. The park includes more than 2,500 planes, hybrids of eastern and western species. These planes are very close to each other they can achieve a greater height than normal Many of them reach 55 meters.

It was a beautiful day we spent in Girona, it is very beautiful to visit. It is a peaceful city. Moreover, Girona is considered the city where he made the most live in Spain.


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