Thursday, May 24, 2007

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second Released: Montserrat

N ll go again for another outing in the vicinity of Barcelona. This time we start to 50km away, to visit Montserrat, a monastery in the mountains 1235m altitude. This is the retreat of the Benedictine monks.

Arriving we can already see the Montserrat with its very characteristic rocks.

After an hour's drive and climb the mountain, we finally arrive at their destination.

We immediately went to see the sight that presented itself to us ... it's breathtaking. We have a view to Barcelona. When the sky is clear we can even see the island of Mallorca. This is a true impressive.

We continue our visit and come to the monastery built in the eleventh century in the middle of rocks. The monastery is very large, with sculptures of the twelfth century fiction. There is also a central place that overlooks a large church.

Every Sunday at 13h you can listen to the songs of the Choir performing Gregorian chants and other religious songs, sung by children. These songs are apparently known in the world.
Finally, there is the Shrine of the Black Madonna, in a box constructed above and behind the main altar which is accessed through the side chapels of the Basilica. The Black Madonna is the patron saint of Catalonia.

After visiting the monastery, it is 14h, as it is to go to the restaurant located below the sanctuary. Little opportunity to taste some specialties such as meat croquettes and Catalana cream (which looks like a creme brulee). We also took the opportunity to take a group photo: On the right we have: Vincent, Mary and Navy and Right: Virginia and me.

After lunch, we decided to take the funicular to reach a climax on Montserrat. It is true that the view from the funicular is quite impressive given the high percentage of slope, about 70%, which makes us hesitate a little, especially Marie, who at a certain fear of heights. But finally we decided to imprint.

From up there we have a view of the interior in the direction thus Zaragossa. We have a broad enough view throughout Catalonia.
For fans of walking, there are many hiking trail where you can just walk down to the monastery. Here are two small
photos we took at the top of Montserrat with a view of Catalonia behind us.

Finally, I would say that this visit is really essential when it comes to Barcelona. It has exceptional views and a monastery by his impressive size. Unmissable.


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