Monday, April 30, 2007

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1st exit Sitges

V his is a new post for you about my first trip outside Barcelona!
was Sunday, March 18, there was a rally of vintage cars between Barcelona and Sitges. They called it's a rally, but rather was a parade of the different models. The paraded through the streets of downtown. Vincent and I took the opportunity to see the arrival of the rally in Sitges.
This city is Barcelona known for its beautiful beaches, quiet part of town and its beauty. It is located 40km south of Barcelona.

We arrived at around noon, our day will summarize the arrival of the rally followed by a small passage to the beach!

Here are some pictures of what we saw in the street and the square near the beach.

It was noticed that many cars had license plates French is to say that this rally should be well known! It was the 49th year that the rally was taking place. Even car passengers were dressed like the beginning of the twentieth century.
was certainly very interesting and very pretty sight!

After that towards the beach with our little gelato in hand. We saw that there were 20 people waiting for ice, so we said they should be good. Was the case! In addition to the fragrances are varied, it ranges from the Catalan cream kinder via tiramusu and vanilla with cookies! That's what

resemble the beaches of Sitges. They are especially beautiful and cleaner than those of Barcelona. So why was this city that is five times the numbers of people!

Here are two pictures of the beach with the church of Sitges in the background. Note that the photo is taken right foot in the water ;-).

We are finally a picture, feet in water. I remind you that we are mid-March, it must be about 25 ° C. We thought the water would be cold, but after a few seconds feet in the water you realize it is almost good for swimming! What will I be right in June and July!

After the beach, a small break in a seaside bar to drink our little cold beer, it has done us well in this heat!

On this last photo of the city we see a little style buildings. Much of buildings, houses are also white, which gives a fairly unique style not found in Barcelona.

By late afternoon, so we returned to Barcelona on the streets along the sea road was in the middle of a mountain of rocks on our left and a precipice on our right leading directly into the sea
Casteldelfells We've been through, a town near Barcelona with also a beautiful beach, as can be seen in the last photo.

That day is over, this little trip we will have changed a little air, finding a quiet little town more than Barcelona, with more beautiful beaches. I think I will return several times in Sitges to enjoy the beach thing I could not do back in Belfast!


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