Thursday, April 12, 2007

Colour Card Berger Paints

Evening Standard: ovel Negra Chupito + + disco

C 'is the weekend, and like every weekend we go out to bars before leaving in a box to end the evening! We are all full with Simon, Jerome and Rodrigo Of course, we've joined Virginia as an intern Noticias like us, Audrey and her roommate and a Vincent Erasmus. He is 23h

we start our evening by going slowly at first in a bar very nice and very warm at the top of La Rambla. The bar is called ovel Negra (chuuuttttttt. .... lol).

After queued at the bar and found places to sit, you can savor the traditional jug of Sangria well cool!

After finishing our little pitcher 2L, direction Chupito our usual second bar, located at the bottom of the Rambla. La Rambla is just as busy and get to the bottom means that we will meet with a score of "Paki beer." As the name suggests these are Paquistanais selling beer to 1 € (warning possible negotiation for the purchase of several lool!). At first they replied politely that we do not want, but after 2Oième attempted sale of beer by a Paki, or one is not responding .... we do like Simon, they belch at the mouth! Mdr . Be admitted that it gets boring to strength!

La Rambla is also the place where you can find a large number of flyers distributed mainly by pretty girls. So we stop every time, and recovered a Flyer into the collection. I already have around thirty. These little "pass" or allow us to enter in box for free (while admission is free at the base ...), or have a small shooter available for the purchase of a drink.

But no question of going into one of these bars with our Flyer, we are heading straight towards our favorite bar, the Chupito where we are regulars now, and the waitress gives us quite often a small shooter arrived!

We finally arrived, it is almost 1am, the bar is still full, like every weekend. That evening was present and therefore present Virginia Vincent that can be seen on the pictures above. There was also another student Ludovic de Noticias with his roommate. Vincent and Virginia discovered the Chupito that night, so he had them taste a little shooter, let them drink from the jar as Vincent. Without forcing, Vincent also wanted to Monica Lewinsky that he did not know, it reminded me of some memories of my first week in Barcelona!

We also wanted to go box, so we have to go and get the last train that passes at 2am. So we come to the Mojito in less than a half hour ... it's just a fiesta party started!

This disco is cool because people inside are all casiment English in Barcelona, there are very few tourists French or English! The atmosphere and music are better and we spent a wonderful evening. Simon and Jerome have even talked to 2 girls and 2 guys that we had found the following weekend in the box, but unfortunately we have not returned!

It is now 5am, the box closes, there is so much back to bed. So it was a great night, and that's an almost every weekend since mid-February!


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