Thursday, April 12, 2007

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second visit Parc Güell

J e keeps my little visits to Barcelona with surely the most beautiful park there in Barcelona: Parc Guell, which is located to the west in Barcelona.

The park was originally intended to be an area of res identielle 17 hectares, but the project fell into the water and this area is now one of the most amazing parks in the world, built in large part by Gaudi. The park welcomes thousands of visitors each day.

It was nice there this Saturday and we decided with Simon and Jerome to take the subway and we get to Parc Guell and enjoy the sun visit and rest a little in this park.
Once we returned within one believes in a wonderful world, with magical special constructions with enor
accordance ceramics.

We continue the visit with the best-known symbol of the park, which is the ceramic lizard. We also have a beautiful hall called Sala Hipòstila with its 86 columns and ceramics all over the ceiling.

Above this hall of columns, is the central park with benches shaped serpentine also colored ceramic. Since then we have a place for the whole city of Barcelona to the Mediterranean.

Parc Guell is also a place full of palm trees, very pleasant to relax surrounded by all this greenery!

So we spent a good part of the post noon we walk in the park, it is both returning and rest before the start of the evening ahead rather busy with Chupito and ovel Negra then surely the end of the evening in a box!

In conclusion I would say this is the place for the most magical moment I've visited since my arrival in Barcelona. Moreover
Park Güell was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984.


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