Tuesday, March 13, 2007

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The First Week ...

J e begin this blog you speak of my first arrival in Barcelona and especially my first week that was (for now) the most turbulent since the start I arrived in the city!

C ette first week can be summed up in search of roommate, the beginning of the course and the integration week by former participants of the box!

T out first I'll talk about the apartment search, which will always remain the most difficult to do (thought for Zan I hope you will soon find a roommate in Sydney ;-)) especially when you arrive in a new town, with a language we do not control 100%.

M ais my previous experience rather labored over Lisbon allowed me not to put too much time on my research and find a nice roommate in one week!

C is true that here in Barcelona in one afternoon you can find accommodation, but I was looking for something not too bad with at least one window on the Outside!

J 'Ve been to about three a day apart, and as I expected, I have seen really tiny room with just the bed and a small closet with no windows ... and finally I found this apartment nearly 170m ² with a fairly huge room (22m ² apartment is as big as the riv!).

J e am with 3 other roommates: a lady old enough, I confess I do not know what she does here, a 23 year old student cinema and 30 years who works in a dentist's office. They are all super nice to me anyway!

The apartment is located on one of the biggest avenues in Barcelona. ... It's good, but somewhat noisy! I'm glad to have found this room, it can receive the world for a drink before going out, and host the brave (his) who are not afraid to come to Barcelona to spend a few days !

See for yourself my roommate: (pictures coming soon!)

N e will now discuss the reason for my coming to Barcelona anyway! To my surprise, when I arrived at the company I thought I recognized a few familiar faces ... after a few seconds of reflection, saying hello ... I realized they were also UTBM and promotion 5 more and also two students from UTC! When not expecting to see UTBohémiens it's weird! The other surprise was the discovery of the company. Everything is located in a small apartment, there is only that students who work and the boss who is a journalist. Needless to say that my guardian will not help me and if I have problems with computer I should ask for help to the friendly Google!

L art presentations, my first day at work comes down to reading all the documentation! Since my main computer is a network administrator, I have to read the documentation on servers, know how they work ... but also the organization websites.

L are days I received a good education (thank you Ömer) by the network manager who explained that I would have done during those six months at the administration server.

C ette first week of work was more relaxed with little work and with a great atmosphere with the other trainees. I must say it was better than the week be quiet because a finite time of day, evening and night had only just begun!

C ette first week has been synonymous with integration for newcomers who had arrived at the same time as me, or a week before!

C very day the elders had planned outputs very interesting that enabled us to immediately feel at ease and find the places most popular of these above.

J e'll give you some names of places that we discover we are vera in future posts specifically each.

N e have seen so many restaurants restaurant Tapas restaurant Pakistani, English restaurant, numerous bars: the chupito (bars with hundreds of shooters), the ovel (very good atmosphere, very friendly), the Musiquetes (bawdy bar songs), a nightclub in Mare Magnum.

V ere a group photo of the old and new trainees chupito after integration ...

... in fact, it was necessary to integrate a specialty drink from the bar called Monica Lewinsky. A shooter logically ... and no, "this is a beer" said David. I wondered how this would be a worthy inclusion of the name!
So the nice waitress with the infamous Monica Yolanda hand:

I let you imagine what I could have done with this beautiful bottle of beer a bit special. I refrain from showing other photos on this subject!
lol Anyway thank you for this gift the former, it allowed me to further confirm my taste for women! Lol

To conclude this first week, I can say it was hectic with some may bed very late and up very early to go to work .... that's Barcelona!


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