Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Can You Exercise During A Herpes Outbreak?

local afternoon at the beach

N e are that in early March, and temperatures are already close to 20 ° C, we took advantage to get to the beach a few times, time to relax, to breathe the fresh sea air and listen to Jerome (an intern Marketing) playing his guitar!
We were at the beach to the Port Olimpic. It is a very touristy area because of the many beaches and nightclubs along the beach.
As I say, we are only in March and already a lot of people is on the beach. We'll have to enjoy it now before there is really crowded.

The beach is quite beautiful, is apparently not too cold (in 16 ° C) because we have already seen several people to swim ... what it must be summer qaund it will be hot. We batera to have a water wedge lol

I have noticed from the first day that Barcelona is really a tourist town, it's impressive the number of foreigners (mainly English and French) who spend a week vacation, even a great weekend in Barcelona. One has the impression that there are more foreigners than English!

I also went to the square Barceloneta. Barcelona consists of many beaches. Apparently it is the city in Europe that has the most beaches with its 7km of coastline! It's not worse, with the world that there will be summer's better to have several miles of beaches!

The beach is also a place where I will spend many afternoons when it will be very warm here.


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