Sunday, February 11, 2007

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Depression in the news

TPE are finished for a long time, even the BAC is over. However, depressive disorders are still the leading cause of mortality and disability in developing countries and industrialized countries.
Reading an article about it made me want to continue to make news on the knowledge of this disease and how to avoid it. I will try to complete this section from time to time.

The benefits of sport

Following experiments on mice, researchers have discovered the existence of a protein (VGF) produced in the brain from a gene sensitive to physical activity. This protein would have a direct and powerful antidepressant.
Some patients are unresponsive to conventional treatments such as therapy and antidepressants, it seems worthwhile to develop a new drug based on this protein. But it will take many years before finding such a drug and be put into circulation. Since a depressed person is usually slow on the psychomotor, it seems difficult to propose a physical activity.

By cons, This study shows that there is at least one way to avoid depression: having a regular physical activity.

(summary of article in Science & Vie July 2008).


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