Sunday, February 11, 2007

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III. Physiology 3. Stress

3. Assumptions involving stress

You can not separate the effect of depression and anxiety * since we have already seen that the depression is often consequence of stressful event. We will show that * Stress can directly affect depression. . For this, we must regain "stress system" :
stress activates two systems, one * noradrenergic (NA) or axis catecholaminergic * which releases noradrenaline through the adrenal medulla glands *, and the other, * or corticotropic axis HHS ( hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal ) which releases cortisol *.

Involvement noradrenaline in disorders unipolar and bipolar

A hypothesis proposed in 1960 that depression was caused by a deficiency of norepinephrine. The cell bodies of noradrenergic neurons have implications to many brain regions including the limbic system involved in regulating emotions.
While mania, it would correspond to an overabundance of that neurotransmitter. Indeed, flooded noradrenaline, neurons produce a protein that excites them and disturbs their functioning.
This assumption is always recognized that some people's mood is not affected by such fluctuations.

Moreover, the decrease in the amount of serotonin allow a decrease of noradrenaline.



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