Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ml320 Headrest Dvd Install

II. Causes and effects 1. a. environmental factors

1.The causes

a. Environmental Factors

Adolescence is a period characterized by ambivalence; it is really a child but not yet an adult, he wants contradictory things. It grows, it is puberty, he is survived by his child's body and its relationship with its parents. In addition he built his identity and is therefore a delicate and sensitive period.

is believed that many depressions are related to stressful situations. Stress is a physiological reaction against an unexpected change that requires adaptation. It is caused by one or more stressors. In the case of a teenager, stress can come from school, poor relationships with family, friends or lovers. More changes as an environmental move, parental divorce, changing schools affect the quality of life of adolescents. It also notes that the military, or religious schools such as strict dance schools ("the little rats of the Opera") or prisons the rate of depression is higher than elsewhere .



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